Digital Badges – Something to think about…

“Imagine an organization that awards Open Badges to their learners, recognizing and credentialing their achievements. The learner might also earn Open Badges outside the organization from learning websites or professional bodies; how can they bring those badges into the organization to sit alongside those they have earned internally? Or as an organization with a load […]

A Game about Writing Fiction

“What do British Romantic Era poets and video games have in common? The answer is Elegy for a Dead World, an unlikely game that leaves the players with “no game to play,” but to explore three long-dead civilizations, observe, and make notes… or stories — or poems — or songs. The three lost worlds feature […]

Methods for Pre-Tests

• Paper-and-pencil tests (sometimes standardized tests in fundamental areas such as reading, writing, mathematics, chemistry, or physics) • Observations of performance and rating of competencies exhibited by the learner • A questionnaire to determine learner background, training, and experiences • Review of learner’s previous or related work • Talks with supervisors or other persons with […]

Confirmative Evaluation Questions

Do learners continue to perform successfully over time? Do materials still meet their original objectives? How can clients’ needs be best met over time? If improvements are needed in the training or materials, how can they be made most effectively? If the instruction isn’t working as well as it did originally, what are the reasons? […]

Formative Evaluation Questions

The following questions might be used by designers to gather data during formative evaluation: 1. Given the objectives for the unit or course, is the level of learning acceptable? What weaknesses are apparent? 2. Are learners able to use the knowledge or perform the skills at an acceptable level? Are any weaknesses indicated? 3. How […]