Learner Control

  1. Sequencing – Learners can control the order of lessons, topics and screens in a course.  For instance moving forward, backward (allow user to reveiw), selecting what to do next, temporarily terminating (with bookmarks to continue at a later time.)
  2. Pacing – Learners control time spent on each lesson or topic.
  3. Access to learning support – Learner can use links to practice exercises, course objectives, definitions, additional references etc  This should be provided as global controls available everywhere in the program.

Methods:  Buttons, Menus (pull-down or frame, progressive or full screen), Hyperlinks.

Modes:  Mouse, Keyboard, Speech

Recommendations:  Collect data on how frequently learners use the control features of a program.  If controls are rarely used, consider that the may be too difficult or not useful.