What is web accessibility?

“What is web accessibility? How do we talk about accessibility problems? How is it different from usability? Web accessibility is the art of building a website that’s useable by people with disabilities. People with disabilities are a diverse group, encompassing a wide gamut of experiences. Blindness, multiple sclerosis, total paralysis, or color blindness are examples of different experiences that web accessibility techniques try to solve.”

“Web accessibility issues can also be separated into issues that block users from content and issues that damage the usability of the site for people with disabilities.”

“What are some examples of accessibility barriers? Unlabeled form fields, links without text or targets, events triggered only by a mouse, images without alternative text, graphs without accompanying data, and videos without captions are all examples of barriers to access.”

“Usability issues are sometimes characterized by repetition or forcing unnecessary tasks on the user. Examples include links that say click here, redundant text, long navigation menus with no bypass method or a failure to use HTML headings.“