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To get an image licensed for noncommercial reuse: 1. Perform a Google Image Search. 2. When results come up, click on Search Tools up top between search window and images. Click on that. 3. Click Usage Rights 4. Choose Labeled for noncommercial reuse. Retrieved from UWStout Instructional Design course

LMS Notes from

Edmodo (FB-like interface) by Instructure – Higher Ed, K-12 (Free) Saba – Corporate Moodle – Higher Ed, Corporate (Open-Source, Free) Blackboard – Higher Ed, K-12 (Cost varies) D2L – Higher Ed, K-12, Corp Schoology – K-12

Fundamental Principles of CBT

multiple representation principle – it is better to present an explanation in words and pictures than solely in words Notes:  When only words are presented, the learner is likely to build a verbal mental representation but is less likely to build a visual mental representation and mentally connect it with a verbal one.When words and […]

Learner Control

Sequencing – Learners can control the order of lessons, topics and screens in a course.  For instance moving forward, backward (allow user to reveiw), selecting what to do next, temporarily terminating (with bookmarks to continue at a later time.) Pacing – Learners control time spent on each lesson or topic. Access to learning support – […]


Accessibility of web content requires semantic information about widgets, structures, and behaviors, in order to allow assistive technologies to convey appropriate information to persons with disabilities. This specification provides an ontology of roles, states, and properties that define accessible user interface elements and can be used to improve the accessibility and interoperability of web content […]

What is web accessibility?

“What is web accessibility? How do we talk about accessibility problems? How is it different from usability? Web accessibility is the art of building a website that’s useable by people with disabilities. People with disabilities are a diverse group, encompassing a wide gamut of experiences. Blindness, multiple sclerosis, total paralysis, or color blindness are examples […]